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We are proud to partner with Natur Konkret for our sales distribution

Natur Konkret the animal-and nature-friendliest label

Natur Konkret is an organic farming company, registered since 1990 at the official swiss commercial register as a single owned company.

With our natural forms of production, we concentrate our efforts on environmental protection and animal welfare, to achieve high-quality standards for our healthy and tasty food line. Animals welfare, breeded in their natural environement, are not just nice words, but our committment and operating philosophy, on wich we do also constantly measure and submit our production. Highland cattle, mangalitza pigs and paisture chickens are raised in a natural setting, on our two operating locations. Committed and well-trained staff provide for their daily care.

In canton Ticino (southern of the Alps), some areas of derelict wild pastures where not operated over decades, are now being used by Natur Konkret for severall years, for breeding purposes, for the production of our tasty and healthy Highland beef. At the same time, the cattle encroachment and grazing, prevents the fast progression of forestation in these mountain areas, where we collaborate with more than 20 «patriziati» (the archaic form of legal communities). Our wonderfull herds do beautify the landscape, pleasing hickers and visitors.

Our second location is in canton Thurgau (north-east of Switzerland), on the farm estate of Ulmberg, where old and nearly extinct races are held and breeded. And the over 1’000 high trunk fruit trees orchard of the Ulmberg, we take care of, has not only an important ecological function, it also gives fantastic apples for our natural Natur Konkret cider production.

With farmers who also renounce the use of feed products or even drugs, we aim to forms of cooperation for a sustainable agriculture in rough mountain areas. With our unique financing and investment formula, the  consumer is not only a welcome customer, but he/she can contribute to the further growth and spread of the operating philosophy of our agricultural company.


FreshMarket is the online Farmers’ Market with fresh salads directly from the farm, bread from the baker and meat from the butcher.

Probably like many of you, Leo – the founder of Freshmarket – was always frustrated when he had to throw out half of the salad, because it wasn’t fresh anymore after 2 days. He assumed, that this is “normal” until he experienced salad directly from the farm. Produce was not only measurably fresher but also tasted crunchier.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to always go out to the barn shops or catch the farmers’ market in the morning. That’s how FreshMarket was born.

FreshMarket wants to make fresh and healthy vegetables easily available to everyone.

FreshMarket provides farmers and small local producers a way to sell their products directly to their customers online at a fair price. Producers receive on average 70% of the proceed. As compared to down to 20% what they get from wholesale distributors.

You can order fresh vegetables, salads and many other regional specialties directly from local producers on your smartphone. FreshMarket picks up the items for you and delivers your order directly to your home at the time of your choosing. Almost as if you went to the farmer’s market yourself.

Our Swiss Bone and Meat distributor

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